What does it cost to Join?

It will cost you noting to visit us for a month or two.  At that time, if you think our club is for you (and we think that you will), you can then join our club.  Family membership is only $15.00 annually.

As a member you will have available to you our library of fishing videos, magazines, books, and audio tapes.  All are free to use with your membership.  Also, well known and experienced speakers are scheduled frequently throughout the year to do mini-seminars.  Here are just a few of the speakers that we have had join us in the past:

  1. Gary Parsons – Professional Fisherman
  2. Dan Sallee – Illinois Fisheries Biologist
  3. Joe Bucher – TV Host and Guide
  4. Steve Dennis – Tournament Fisherman
  5. Mike McInerney – Mr. Rattletrap
  6. Bernie Schoenhoff – Iowa D.N.R.
  7. Jack Remus – Jacks Jigs
  8. Mike Norris – Walley Tour, Pro, Radio Host
  9. Jim Crowley – Pro Fisherman
  10. Gary Shrock – Pro Guide

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